Tuesday, October 17, 2006


10/18 SNR

As you might've noticed, there's a new category in the links sidebar called "Pro-SCO" (it seemed only fair), although so far I'm having a bit of trouble populating it. I've got SCO's new "Unix Blog", which (in a typical bit of SCO cluelessness) appears to be a discussion forum, not a blog. I've also got iXorg, a SCO resellers group. The news section on iXorg's main page has a definite pro-SCO slant, although it hasn't been updated since last June. So if you know of any other links that might belong here (or elsewhere in the link bar) either drop me a line or just post it here.

I did run across a number of interesting tidbits while searching for pro-SCO websites, user/reseller/integrator/vendor groups, and so forth...


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