Friday, May 02, 2008


5/2 SNR: SCO v. Novell, The Last(?) Day

So it's day 4 of 4 in the SCO v. Novell trial, so it'll all be over some time later today. Unless they find a way to drag the thing out longer, which shouldn't be ruled out.

GL has a raft of new stories up.

Elsewhere on the interwebs:

Thursday, May 01, 2008


5/1 SNR: "Darl took issue..."

From GL's now heavily-updated Day 2 story, we learn that Darl took the stand yesterday, and it sounds like it was quite a show. One courtroom observer delivers a quote for the ages:

Darl took issue with what he believed was Mr. Acker calling him a liar. Mr. Acker took exception and said he thought it had already been established that Mr. McBride tells the truth in the 10Qs.

And the morning batch of media coverage:

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