Tuesday, November 27, 2007


11/27 SNR II


11/27 SNR: The Circus Heads Back to Utah

As expected, Judge Gross has unstayed SCO v. Novell, so we're finally going to see a trial after all. That is, unless SCO has another weird delay scheme up their sleeve, and it wouldn't be a total surprise if they do. At least they can't weasel out of it by declaring bankruptcy this time.

On the other hand, maybe SCO's looking forward to a trial. At least that's what MOG's been telling us for a while now, and you can totally trust MOG... to be MOG. As the spin goes, as soon as SCO loses in front of Kimball they can head to the court of appeals, where total SCO victory is a guaranteed slam dunk (to use a cheesy Darlesque sports metaphor). When MOG says stuff like that it often reflects what SCO management is thinking, as if she heard it directly from the horse's mouth. Or from some orifice of the horse, at least. So don't be surprised to see some SCO PR fluff about how stoked they are to finally get their day in court, as if this was their super-genius plan all along. And I fully expect it to work out just as well as all their other super-genius plans have so far.

So they declared BK to avoid the Novell trial, and now the Novell trial's going ahead anyway. That's got to chafe a bit, no matter how brave of a face SCO tries to put on it.

I realize this is just another intermediate milestone on the road to "SCO Delenda Est", but I'm in the mood for a steak, and this seems like a reasonable excuse to go get one. Mmmmm.... Steak.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


11/21 SNR

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


11/20 SNR II


11/20 SNR: Stick a Fork in York -- They're Done!

It's official: SCO's mega-emergency double-panic fire sale is officially off. Just before the big deadline SCO would've had to disclose exactly what they were proposing to sell, someone -- we don't know which side yet -- pulled the plug. Just when we thought SCO would have to finally make a definite statement about what it claims it owns, after all these years, poof. It appears to me that they're unwilling to do any basic disclosure even with tens of millions of dollars on the line. If the buyer wants to look in the box and verify there really is a pony inside, SCO's just going to leave the money on the table and walk away. The obvious conclusion, one that most people drew years ago, is that there's no pony in the box.

So the immediate question in my mind is how to explain the big 28% drop in the stock yesterday. It's reasonable to wonder if somebody knew about today's news in advance and acted on it yesterday. Of course it's also true that a 28% drop in the stock translates to a whopping 7 cents, so I really don't know if that qualifies as "big" or not. I don't usually follow penny stocks like this, so a 7 cent change might just be random-ish Brownian motion. But having watched SCO for lo, these many years, I wouldn't count on it.

Updated: GL's got the story here now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


A semi-brief note on "Grokwar"

Grokwar. The boards are thick with it. Everyone's talking about it. Even PJ's chimed in, somewhat obliquely. For reasons I can't fathom, the hot issue of the day is not SCO's bankrupcy case, or the latest M$ shenanigans. No, it's all about comment moderation at Groklaw, and the dogged pursuit of random personality conflicts. My usual response is to try to calm things down and distract everyone with photos of cute kittens and so forth. That doesn't seem to be working this time around. So, as sole proprietor of this little corner of the anti-SCO multiverse, I figure I ought to say a few words about the current ugliness.

I don't see any value in Grokwar. There's nothing to be gained by it. There really isn't. For the sake of argument, let's assume you're a partisan in the Grokwars, and your side finally achieves total victory, so that either a.) GL is utterly destroyed, or b.) the anti-GL crowd is utterly destroyed. What would you have you won, really? SCO would still be out there stirring up trouble, M$ would still be out there doing the same, and those who oppose them would be weak and exhausted from the endless, bitter infighting. For whom is this a desirable outcome? Who would be the real winner, in the end? Unsubtle hint: It wouldn't be you.

I'm troubled by this impulse toward fratricide (or soricide, as the case may be), this inclination to see dark conspiracies and enemies under every rock. Don't take your eyes off the ball, folks. The enemy is SCO. Anyone who's against SCO is not the enemy. It's really that simple. If someone votes differently than you, or moderates your comments in a way you don't like, or doesn't rec you, or disses your colors, or says toMAYto when you say toMAHto, just roll with it. Let it be water off a duck's back. It's not so hard.

So in case I haven't made it abundantly clear yet, this is not an anti-GL site (and I link to GL quite regularly). It's also not a pro-GL site (and I've been known to link to Al P.'s SCOFacts somewhat regularly as well). Not to invoke Godwin's law here, but if SCO's jackbooted thugs came for them, either Al or PJ (or both, if they could stand each other) would be welcome to hide in my attic for the duration, and I wouldn't rat them out. This blog exists because it seems worthwhile, most of the time, and because it's kind of fun, some of the time. My policy here (and everywhere) -- and my advice -- is to spend as little time as possible pursuing interpersonal conflicts, especially esoteric ones. Only fight over issues, not personalities, and only fight over issues when they matter. Otherwise, just freakin' shrug it off and forget about it, already. It's easy. Trust me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


11/14 SNR

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