Tuesday, November 27, 2007


11/27 SNR: The Circus Heads Back to Utah

As expected, Judge Gross has unstayed SCO v. Novell, so we're finally going to see a trial after all. That is, unless SCO has another weird delay scheme up their sleeve, and it wouldn't be a total surprise if they do. At least they can't weasel out of it by declaring bankruptcy this time.

On the other hand, maybe SCO's looking forward to a trial. At least that's what MOG's been telling us for a while now, and you can totally trust MOG... to be MOG. As the spin goes, as soon as SCO loses in front of Kimball they can head to the court of appeals, where total SCO victory is a guaranteed slam dunk (to use a cheesy Darlesque sports metaphor). When MOG says stuff like that it often reflects what SCO management is thinking, as if she heard it directly from the horse's mouth. Or from some orifice of the horse, at least. So don't be surprised to see some SCO PR fluff about how stoked they are to finally get their day in court, as if this was their super-genius plan all along. And I fully expect it to work out just as well as all their other super-genius plans have so far.

So they declared BK to avoid the Novell trial, and now the Novell trial's going ahead anyway. That's got to chafe a bit, no matter how brave of a face SCO tries to put on it.

I realize this is just another intermediate milestone on the road to "SCO Delenda Est", but I'm in the mood for a steak, and this seems like a reasonable excuse to go get one. Mmmmm.... Steak.....

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