Thursday, November 30, 2006


11/30 SNR

According to a rough draft found blowing in the parking lot at a deserted Lindon, UT building, SCO is poised to release (amidst much fanfare) its latest offering, the Yuu video game console.

Darl McFried is quoted as saying that the new console will work seamlessly with ME technology, allowing indecisive gamers to poll their friends for hints on how to slay Gorgons and hopefully those pesky Nazgul.

SCO also announced that Fred's Video Game Trade-0-Rama in Salt Lake City will be the exclusive distributor and strategic partner.

The SCO Group is the owner of USELESS System V and uh, pay no attention to the stock price that just fell out from under the curtain.
Regarding the Me Inc spam, it was farmed out to the notorious Expedite Media Group by the Utah Capital Mortgage/Edgelink Solutions crew.

See the Y! SCOX post titled "Expediting Me Inc." on 27-Mar-06.
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