Friday, December 22, 2006


11/26 SNR

The big SCO news right now is that there isn't any. The company may not be good at much of anything, but they're world-class pros at maintaining radio silence. Not a peep out of anyone for quite some time now, other than a few brief and noncommital remarks from Blake about the continuing re-re-re-reconsideration circus.

When asked about the layoff rumors, SCO said they weren't going to comment until the conference call in December. Now December's almost over, and there hasn't been a conference call announcement yet. In the past, SCO always held them in late December, as close to Christmas as they could manage, I suppose to ensure that they wouldn't get a lot of publicity. This year, no call, and no announcement about the lack of a call. My understanding is that they aren't legally obligated to have a call, it's merely a widespread practice. And furthermore, they don't actually have to say anything about Q4 numbers until their 10K is due at the end of January. I'm starting to think we won't hear a single peep out of SCO until then, at the earliest. If there are 10K problems like last time around, they might be able to string it out even longer.

On an unrelated note, I was out shopping today and saw a real live Zune. Ok, I saw a Zune box, which I assume contained a Zune. The Borders bookstore in downtown Portland had it on a small display rack in an out-of-the-way and rather dark corner of their music section. Most of the rack was taken up with iPod accessories, but there were some Zunes and Zune-related items, and a stack of brochures. I took one out of curiosity. It's very earnest, wordy & complex, and tries oh, so hard to be hip and happening, and doesn't quite succeed. Sort of like the device itself, in other words. There'll be some photos of the brochure later further down the page, if you're curious what Zune propaganda looks like, but first here's today's batch of news:

Ok, here's that Zune propaganda I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!


Yikes. This would be even scarier if it was less blurry. Just look at those snappers!




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