Saturday, January 27, 2007


1/27 SNR

SCO's 2006 10K's out, finally. Edgar has it here.

Groklaw has coverage here, and there's discussion on the boards too. Not a lot of media coverage elsewhere that I've seen, which I guess is one of the nice little benefits to releasing the thing late on a Friday afternoon. Heck, even I was a bit late on the coverage; it was reasonably warm and sunny yesterday, which is really rare for January in Oregon, so I was outside and completely missed the big 10K release party. (What, there wasn't one?)

The unexpected fun bit in the 10K is that the old Caldera IPO shareholder suit may be heating up again. I'm not an expert on how class action suits work, so you'll need to go read the GL coverage if you want to know more about that.

On the downside, the SuSE arbitration thing doesn't happen until December '07. So we should probably stop holding our collective breath waiting for that particular deus ex machina. Oh, well...

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