Wednesday, February 14, 2007


2/14 SNR

More coverage of SCO's attack on PJ:

Elsewhere in the Land 'O SCO:

Oh, and here's a fun (and mildly relevant) blast from the past. I was doing some retrocomputing googlin' the other day, seeing what I could find out about a weird machine I vaguely remembered from a company I used to work for years ago. The thing was from a firm called General Automation, and ran an OS called "Pick". I never touched the thing myself, but I knew the sysadmin, and so I had to put up with the occasional rant about why the world was full of idiots who didn't understand the glories of his favorite OS.

His second-favorite OS was NetWare, and he kept proposing to replace everyone's desktop machines (well, everyone who didn't have a dumb terminal to the Pick box, which was still the ideal) with diskless PC's hooked up to the NetWare mothership. The existing fleet of Macs (along with their unauthorized LocalTalk networks) and Amigas would be banished from the realm, forthwith. If you couldn't find a DOS-based, non-graphical replacement for your QuarkXPress or Video Toaster, well, that wasn't IT's problem, was it?

Eventually he and the company parted ways, and I later had the pleasure of helping nuke the existing NetWare server, turning it into our very first Linux box. This was around kernel 0.9x or so, if I recall correctly.

Anyway, I mention all of this because of a few weird connections and similarities with our friends in Lindon.

(Much more in the way of Pick oldtimer reminiscences here in case you're interested.)

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