Thursday, March 01, 2007



The CC was kind of amusing this time. Darl says the company's "undervalued", and called SCO's court opponents "enemies", so I think he's taking this a little personally. Headcount's way down to 123 now, because 20 additional people "fell out" through "transitioning", and it's all Linux's fault, but they've got some sort of OpenServer+Me Inc fusion product in the works, and once it takes off and they win the lawsuits, they'll reverse that pesky 90% decline in Unix revenue real soon now. Or at least that's what they say when talking to a clueless investment type -- this time "Hank Feinstein" from "Gagnon Securities" who's already bought about 400k shares without having a clue about what the litigation's all about. Okayyyyy....

Haven't seen any reports from the courtroom yet, but I'll link to those when I see 'em.

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