Monday, April 09, 2007


4/10 SNR

It turns out that over the weekend, Lyons went on a posting binge on his blog and then turned right around and deleted 'em all. Some people have speculated he did this after he realized the posts were really meanspirited and unprofessional. I doubt that, myself, because he left all his other posts up.

I missed out on this circus at the time, since it was a weekend and all that, and I had better things to do. But someone mentioned that Google's blogsearch cache still had brief excerpts of the vanished posts available, so here they are for posterity. One of them was apparently a rant about "fair use", as in Lyons' fair use of GL posters' comments, so I trust he's not going to give me any lip about posting these.

  • On journalists and sources
    7 Apr 2007 by Dan Lyons
    Well PJ now attempts to deflect attention from her own issues by reporting here that journalists always get documents and other information from parties to lawsuits. Very true. She also reports that I’ve been given information by SCO. ...

  • It’s called “fair use,” you can look it up
    6 Apr 2007 by Dan Lyons
    I’m getting some notes from folks who claim I’ve violated the copyrights of a Groklaw poster by publishing a copy of his very silly comment for the amusement of my readers. See my post here. Let me direct you to this page on the Web ...

  • Update: OSDL and Groklaw
    6 Apr 2007 by Dan Lyons
    I’m getting some mail from people who say they’d rather not believe my recent item about OSDL making payments to Groklaw. A suggestion: Instead of bugging me, write to the folks at OSDL, which is now called the Linux Foundation. ...

  • Head-in-the-sand award
    5 Apr 2007 by Dan Lyons
    Overnight I received a long email from a PJ defender who says he doesn’t believe that PJ sought and received payment from OSDL, as I reported. The reader says he’d like me to produce the canceled “cheque.” (I guess he’s British.) ...

  • Groklaw comment of the day
    4 Apr 2007 by Dan Lyons
    PS, we love you. Authored by: Aladdin Sane on Wednesday, April 04 2007 @ 03:38 AM EDT. OK, I have to say it, without sexual intent or feeling, I love you, PJ. I have to say this. Please forgive me. This is not the first time I’ve spoken ...

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