Friday, May 25, 2007


5/25 SNR II: No Dice (Yet) Edition

Well, I said I'd update you if I heard anything about why SCO closed up nearly 30 cents today. Nothing so far. Nada. There are a few inconsequential (and sealed) filings on Pacer, but that's nowhere near enough to account for today's financial excitement. A number of theories are floating around right now, suggesting it's due to shorts covering, or fear of SCO getting booted from the Russell Microcap Index, or investor confusion due to great numbers from the French firm Scor SA (ticker symbol "SCO"). But no obvious candidate stands out yet, and I'll happily defer to the financial experts on this item. What we do know is that the courts didn't do anything interesting today, unfortunately. On the bright side, this means we -- or those of us in the US, anyway -- can spend the 3-day weekend outside doing something unproductive, instead of poring over legal PDFs. It's a great relief, let me tell you. For those of you outside the US, as you were. Y'all get, like, six months of paid vacation every year, required by law. Don't begrudge us our piddly little 3-day weekend, ok? Thanks.

In lieu of any long-awaited rulings, here's a great example of what not to do in court, if you're an attorney.

And for your Memorial Day weekend enjoyment, you might enjoy this video clip of The Kill -9 Song.

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