Thursday, May 31, 2007


5/31 SNR III: Under Advisement Again

Everything taken under advisement, no rulings from the bench, like always. Big surprise there. GL's got the early reports here, although nothing really juicy yet.

We do know that SCO's last-minute submissions were simply ignored today, at Kimball's order. I wonder how much cash SCO just wasted on those new expert reports? After years of smug stalling tactics, it's nice to see they've switched over into frantic flailing mode. That'll probably mean even more delay, but at least it's more enjoyable to watch.

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I thought the hearing was split into 2 days. Why would it be under advisement if it's continued on June 4th?

Shouldn't the "under advisement" announcement come at the end of the continuation?
Different motions are scheduled to be heard on different days. So Kimball took today's motions under advisement, and will start fresh next week with a different set.
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