Tuesday, June 05, 2007


6/5 SNR II: Mini-CC edition

So the Q2 numbers were the usual mild ugliness, and there were no significant announcements during the call. So you really have to wonder what today's trading was all about.

Like I usually do, I posted on IV as I was listening to the call. It's a 3-parter this time: Intro, The Darl & Bert Show, and Question Time.

The last one's pretty short, since there weren't any questions this time. Not a single freakin' question. I may have linked to this before, but the Free Sound Project has a large collection of cricket sounds. Even better, the clips are available under a Creative Commons license, one of those dreaded open-source things SCO gets all worked up over. Nice.

So other than the absence of questions, the call was a pretty humdrum affair. Yawn.

While SCO's busy "eagerly awaiting" their September 17th trial date with Novell, BS&F is staying busy. Here's the latest on the AIG/Greenberg and Tyco situations. And now Boies has a new gig working for Michael Moore. About a month ago, BS&F announced the hiring of two top patent & trade secret litigators. Although this should't affect the SCO case, since SCO has no patents or trade secrets. Oh, and they've got a new office in Orlando (FWIW, and I realize this is sort of a Mickey Mouse item.)

And here's some PR about a new Novell partnership, which uses the hair-raising phrase "mixed source".

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