Wednesday, June 20, 2007



I'll be out of Series Of Tubes range for a few days, taking a mini-vacation from all and sundry. I'm very much aware that SCO is an evil that does not sleep, but it's been a while since anything really momentous has happened on the SCO front. Odds are things will be exactly as they are now when I get back. And if not, hey, that's great (probably). Last time I was out of town, I said something to the effect that my inability to cover SCO would somehow make the company implode. Well, no such luck, so I'm not going to make a similar prediction this time. So: Same bad time, same bad station, Friday, or Saturday at the latest, unless it ends up being Sunday. So here's one vote for holding the SCOpocalypse no earlier than next Monday, but as soon as possible after that.

Until I get back, I've got a couple of pics of yesterday's mini-roadtrip here, in the unlikely event that you're interested.

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