Friday, September 21, 2007


A brief, sudsy interlude...

Caldera IPA in a can

I know I've mentioned the other Caldera once or twice before. Here's their tasty, tasty IPA, now available in cans. In an amusing coincidence, the price tag shown here is exactly the price of one share of SCO at the high on August 9th, the day before Kimball's big copyright ruling. So if you bought one share back then, and sold today, you'd have 16 cents now. Whereas if you bought one can of Caldera IPA, drank it, and returned the can for the deposit, you'd have 5 cents now, and possibly a mild buzz, depending on how many, uh, "shares" you decide to "accumulate". It's true that both investment strategies have a bitter aftertaste, but only one of them involves beer. Mmmmm.... beeer......

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