Thursday, December 27, 2007


12/27 SNR: Delist-O-Licious Edition

SCO's been officially expelled from NASDAQ, effective today. Finally. They first received the delisting letter way back in September when they filed Chapter 11, and since then it's been months of pointless appeals and procedural gamesmanship. That's finally come to an end now.

This doesn't mean the monster's finally dead, of course. They're still limping along in BK court, and there's the upcoming Novell trial (if SCO can hold out that long), and even the stock still exists in a somewhat less reputable form, assuming they switch to trading OTC after this. The venerable Yahoo SCOX board, however, may vanish in the near future. It's been sort of a nature preserve for trolls and those who feed them for quite a while now, so I can't say I'll be too broken up when it goes away. A few years ago I'd have been glum about it, but now I just think "good riddance".

In any event, Happy Holidays!

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