Tuesday, April 29, 2008


4/29 SNR: SCO v. Novell, Day 1

At GL, the story so far.

Based on the trickle of news so far, it ounds like we haven't come to the eventful part of the trial yet. Assuming there's going to be an eventful part. I still suspect SCO's going to weasel out of this somehow. I don't know how. I don't even have any serious guesses about how. But still, I'm not sure I'll believe this is for real until there's a verdict. And maybe not even then.

Until we hear anything further, here's today's batch of trial preview stories:

Oh, and the Novell trial gets a quick mention in MOG's puff piece about the FranklinCovey deal. Btw, she says the FC deal is a "revenue-sharing" arrangement. Which (if true) means SCO only gets to keep a portion of any Me Inc. revenue from the deal, assuming said revenue ever exists. Somehow this is good news for SCO, though, probably because they're leveraging proactive synergies outside the box, or some damn thing.

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