Wednesday, April 30, 2008


4/30 SNR: SCO v. Novell, Day 2

So we're halfway there, wherever 'there' is. I haven't seen any courtroom reports yet, but Al P. has the official minutes here.

The minutes mention that today SCO begged for something called "involuntary dismissal", which if granted would make the case go away, never to return. No word on what grounds (if any) they think this is justified. I suspect the details will be rather amusing.

Updated: GL's coverage of Day 2 is up now. Not much detail yet, though. PJ typically updates the existing article when new info arrives, instead of creating a new article, so it's worth checking back again later.

Until we hear today's news from SLC, here are some articles about yesterday's thrilling courtroom drama. Most are from local UT media, by reporters who've been covering the SCO saga for a while now. So I'd imagine they all attended the trial yesterday.

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