Saturday, June 07, 2008


6/6 SNR: Crickets.wav Edition

Haven't done one of these in over a month, for the simple reason that nothing of importance has happened in over a month. The SCO v. Novell trial came and went, and Kimball didn't rule from the bench at the end, and now it's over a month later and we still don't have a ruling. I suppose I ought to have anticipated this, but I seriously didn't. I figured there'd be a ruling the moment closing arguments were done. Or if not that moment, the next day, certainly. Or within a week, for sure. But no.

There was supposed to be a post-trial hearing in the BK case where SCO would unveil the shiny new reorg plan, but that didn't happen. SCO's new omnibus reason for delay is the lack of a ruling in the Novell case. Which is actually about the most reasonable excuse they've come up with in the last four years. Until Kimball rules, they don't know what they owe Novell, and they also can't appeal yet. Without knowing what their legal & financial universe looks like, there's no way for SCO to know what lies to tell next, so really there's no way for them to move forward at all.

At this point I'm more or less OK with waiting. It's not great, by any means, but the Linux community can afford to wait a lot longer than SCO can. I've never been a big fan of "winning" by running out the clock on SCO, but it looks like that's how it's going to go down, and I guess I can live with that. There's a bit of poetic justice in SCO going under like this, "running out the clock" being one of those sports metaphors Darl can't get enough of.

For old times' sake, if for no other reason, I did a news search for SCO. Here are the slim pickins:

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